Locked No display on startup Bug?


Operating System: Windows 7 (64 bit), WSJTX: 2.1.0 24fcd1, alternate layout; Flex 6600.

On a "good day" I am able to start multiple instances of WSJTX for multiple slices on the Flex and everything works as expected so I believe everything is properly configured.

However, at times,  when I start up WSJTX, the program starts, the desktop icons flash indicating a screen refresh but no WSJTX window appears.  I've checked for the window being off screen and that is not the problem. Task Manager shows that the program is running.  I have been unable to identify a specific sequence of events.  It happens after a fresh boot and trying to start multiple instances; if I start ending the process trees for the multiple instances, suddenly the remaining windows appear; deleting all of the processes and starting over will clear up the problem, sometimes; or I will start three instances in succession, the first two starts do not display their windows but the third instance causes all three to appear.

Any ideas as to how I can get WSJTX to start up reliably?

Logan, KE7AZ