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Jim - N4ST

I have been on satellite Internet for 13 years (ViaSat) and something doesn't sound right with your system performance.
Have you performed a connection speed test? https://testmy.net/download
(Many flash based speed testers are inaccurate with satellite connections.)
My ping times to amazon or google are about 650 ms.
Do you have a way of checking your satellite S/N?
My speeds are typically 10Mbs during prime time and a website like CNN is readable in 3-5 seconds.
I do use ad-blockers to avoid downloading all the junk.

N4ST - Jim

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Hi Bobby,
Can't address your question directly, but (sadly) I have hughesnet. Latency is not the only issue. While download speeds are reported by them (and testmy.net) to be in the 10 to 40 meg range, the actual performance, to put it bluntly, sucks. Even with these reported speeds, it can take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to open a web page. I often even have trouble using my online QRZ logbook. Logging rapid fire QSOs is nearly impossible. I have complained to phone support and on the HN forum. Nothing but lame excuses citing latency. I don't think latency is the only thing causing two minute page loads. Firefox reports "waiting" for things like a simple handshake confirmation or "waiting"
for aws (Amazon Web Services) that hold up progress for over a minute at times. The issue is not consistent - comes and goes.
Woody - KZ4AK

On 12/18/2018 17:36, BOBBY E Chandler wrote:
Is anyone using Satellite internet with WSJTX and does the latency affect the timing sync with Meinberg etc?


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