Resolved: 2.0.0 GA Won't Start #install


Thanks to help from Bill Somerville I was able to (mostly) resolve the problem.

The short version: My computer is used for lots of different types of software development and I had multiple OpenSSL installations and no OpenSSL DLL files in the Windows system folder. This is not your typical situation, but the following may be helpful to others.

Unlike others who are experiencing the "No SSL support" issue, I have a surplus of OpenSSL support. I develop software and have a number of OpenSSL instance on my machine (unfortunate, but many of my tools bring their own versions). For that reason, I did not have the two OpenSSL files in my windows\system32 directory, which mitigated a potential DLL hell scenario.

Installing OpenSSL according the documentation (to get the latest 1.0.2q version), allowing the installer to copy the files to the Windows system folder, and removing an OpenSSL path in my environment allowed the program to start.

I am getting a "SSL handshake error" when trying to download the LoTW activity file, but I downloaded a copy manually and dropped it into the log folder. This will become a project for another day unless someone knows what is happening there.

Ralph - WB9ICF