locked Configuration and dupe checking question when running N1MM+ with WSJTX/JTAlertX? #WSJTX_config #ft8 #N1MM+ #WSJTX_config #FT8

Rich Erlichman

I am trying to setup for the RTTY Roundup this coming January. I played a little in the FT8 RU last weekend using N1MM+ and WSJTX (and JTAlertX). I was only able to run full rig control from WSJTX and had set the normal Rig Control path for N1MM+ to "None" to make the two apps play together. The result was OK with respect to running the contest, and with logging via the UDP transfer feature from JTAlertX over to N1MM+. The only dupe checking capability I had was from JTAlertX, since the UDP transfers to N1MM+ were essentially after the fact.
I would like to be able to run the RTTY mode in addition to FT8 in the upcoming contest. Is there an elegant solution where I don't have to reconfigure things on the fly, when changing modes?
Could there be and Radio setting added for WSJTX to piggy back on the N1MM+ setting, similar to the Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) selection setting?
In non-contests, I use WSJTX with my main logging in HRD, and both apps run very seamlessly together.
The other issue I miss is entering a callsign into N1MM+ for instant dupe checking. It would be nice when selecting a callsign in WSJTX, it appears in the N1MM+ entry window automatically, and thus I would be informed of a possible dupe immediately.
Any suggestions or solution on the horizon?
Rich, ND4G