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WSJT-X V2.5.4 crashes on Band Hopping Yaesu FTDX-5000 2 messages By cr1023a@... ·
#wsjt-x-crashing #Windows10 5 messages By Jan Kappert ·
WSJT-X Band activity window went blank after leaving it run for 2 hours 2 messages By JTAlert Support (VK3AMA) ·
locked RC3 Crash - Info Please 15 messages By Boban YT9A ·
locked Shared Memory Error 3 messages By de K1ABC ·
locked WSJTx closing when band hopping in WSPR <SOLVED> 14 messages By James R. Chastain ·
locked Rig Control Error, v 2.5.4 3 messages By Richard C. Bernhardt ·
locked Version 2.6.0 error 13 messages By Dennis W1UE ·
locked Just did update to latest version and YIKES! 10 messages By Michael Black ·
locked Use of hardware com port 1 causes WSJT-X to throw and error... 3 messages By NO9B ·
locked Long running WSPR tx crashing WSJT; recreating issue and narrowing down parameters 5 messages By Stuart Ogawa ·
locked Error 5 messages By Rien Aarden ·
locked WSJTx 2.5.4 Uncommanded Exit 3 messages By John N0TA ·
locked WSJT-X unexpected sudden exit with WSPR in band hopping mode 7 messages By Michael Black ·
locked WSJT-X crash with WSPR in band hopping mode By Craig Bosworth ·
locked #TechnicalHelpQuestion #linux #raspberryPi #wsjt-x-crashing Shared Memory error when starting (linux deploy on Emteria Android OS) 5 messages By ab1ba ·
locked WSJTX terminates on UBUNTU 20.04 2 messages By Jeff Stillinger ·
locked #ApacheLabs #Windows07 #wsjt-x-crashing Hard Disk Failure forces Rebuilding System 7 messages By Dick Bingham ·
locked WSJT-X v2.5.4 Band Hopping By iz2eas ·
locked 2.5.4 on Ubuntu 20.04 5 messages By Bill Buoy ·
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