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locked Decode datagram's "low confidence" field -VS- "?" appended to the datagram's 'message" field? 2 messages By Bill Somerville ·
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locked WSJT-X and AutoGrid from General Tab 3 messages By Michael Black ·
locked WSJT UDP Message Format 10 messages By Sam Birnbaum ·
locked WSTJ-X and JTAlert have stopped communicating 4 messages By Michel Bernard VE2BJG ·
locked All #udp error popup buttons are unresponsive 3 messages By Alwin N6ATF ·
locked Contesting with WSJT-X, JTAlert, and DXKeeper 12 messages By Larry Banks ·
locked UDP Datagram - delay between WSJT-X and logger. 8 messages By Philip Rose ·
locked Extract TX symbols for custom transceiver 3 messages By Agustin - LU2HES ·
locked Communicating with WSJT-X over UDP 7 messages By Bill Somerville ·
locked Schema negotiation By otalado ·
locked Using UDP Interface. 10 messages By Philip Rose ·
locked Format of "QTime" and "QTimeDate" and a wish .. 2 messages By Bill Somerville ·
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