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#mac Support for Icom radio Silicon Labs a big issue getting bigger all the time 15 messages By Bill Somerville ·
moderated Apple discontinues Support for Silicon Labs USB By Ray ·
WSJT crashes after xmission. 4 messages By John N9ZL ·
#mac 5 messages By John N9ZL ·
#mac 3 messages By Bill, W8BC ·
have to switch to a Mac. how to get WSJT-X and rumlog to work 5 messages By John Wiener ·
Mac Error 2 messages By Bill Somerville ·
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Old Tab 2 - By neil_zampella ·
Tab2 functions was By Reino Talarmo ·
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Mac Update, Now Memory Issue 7 messages By Bill, W8BC ·
#Mac Time Sync By Michael Salmi ·
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