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Build from source failure 4 messages By John ·
#linux 4 messages By Bill W1PA ·
Raspi 2.4.0-rc4 another instance-fatal error #BugReport #linux buster By Carlos ·
Raspi 2.4.0-rc4 another instance-fatal error #BugReport #linux buster By Carlos ·
Ubuntu 20.04 & wsjtx2.3.0 ALSA audio HW:x,y challenges 6 messages By Bill Somerville ·
program release WSJT-X 2.4.0-rc4 By Carlos ·
moderated WSJT-X TX Audio Stopped Working By Mike Phipps ·
WSJTX and homebrew equipment 15 messages By Bill Pence ·
Help: Ubuntu 20.04 Audio settings for IC7300 and IC9700 15 messages By Stewart Wilkinson ·
The package manager is broken 5 messages By Pat Tracy WI0K ·
#Linux 11 messages By Pa3gcu ·
Linux and WSJTX on FT-920 cannot control rig 2 messages By Bill Somerville ·
Trying to use output of linrad as input for wsjtx on 4 messages By sietse achterop ·
WSJTX Install Fail on Pi64bit 3 messages By Ken Hendrickson ·
#linux No uninstall for Debian on amd64? 3 messages By Frode Igland ·
Error after arm build on Odroid XU4 3 messages By Carl - WC4H ·
wsjtx mchf and linux 3 messages By PFA ·
#linux Building on Debian Linux 3 messages By Lev ·
Bug in wsjtx-2.2.2-5.fc33.x86_64 By Reiner DH9FAX ·
Bad GUI with wrong button-, field- and font sizes 3 messages By Reiner DH9FAX ·
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