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locked Etiquette: Do some stations abandon QSOs for a juicier catch? 21 messages By Chuck K4RGN ·
locked "Hold Tx Freq" Check Box 20 messages By hisami dejima ·
locked ADIF hack for special event stations 2 messages By kbstackhouse ·
locked Active Stations Window 2 messages By Dennis W1UE ·
locked Puzzled Exchange 4 messages By Brad, K8ZM ·
locked Puzzling QSO endings 25 messages By Harrison ·
locked Automated QSOs 2 messages By Bob KM4RL ·
locked changing zone 4 messages By Steve Kavanagh ·
locked #EnhancementReqest #QSO_practices 4 messages By RossBaker ·
locked #reception #QSO_practices #EnhancementReqest 5 messages By Daniel Bejan ·
locked What happened to Tab 2 and the Free Msg Box? 6 messages By Reino Talarmo ·
locked Calling a Station that is Ending a QSO 5 messages By Steve ·
locked FT8 Grid Locator UDP Forwarding 11 messages By SteveO ·
locked Answering FTx CQ with Tx2-message 14 messages By Jim Brown ·
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