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Contest mode? 4 messages By Dave Garber ·
International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend Setup 2 messages By Reino Talarmo ·
moderated db.sqlite DateTime Value 5 messages By Brian - W7OWO ·
#Contest Log 6 messages By Bill Murrell ·
Special Frequencies for Field Day 2021? By Eric Hansen ·
VS: [WSJTX] Goalpost in NA VHF Contest By Reino Talarmo ·
Goalpost in NA VHF Contest 5 messages By AB2ZY ·
Where to delete previously worked station data 8 messages By Jim Brown ·
Contesting with WSJT-X, JTAlert, and DXKeeper 12 messages By Larry Banks ·
Want to work a contest mode... 5 messages By Jim Shepherd ·
WSJT-X 2.4.0-rc2 REMOVAL of OBSOLETE ISCAT Mode? 23 messages By Jim Brown ·
FT4 problems 9 messages By Reino Talarmo ·
#ContestMode 3 messages By Bruce Goldstein ·
WSTJ-X v2.2.2 Crashed During the RTTY Roundup 19 messages By Rory Bowers ·
locked [v2.2.2] Failure to log contest QSOs 12 messages By Geza Szabados-Hann ·
FT4 NA VHF Contest mode - TX frequency not changing 11 messages By Gary - AG0N ·
New to FT8/FT4 FD setup 3 messages By Joe ·
v2.2.0-rc1 add a feature By Jim Shepherd ·
Reminder to choose "assisted" option when submitting logs for ARRL RTTY RU By Doug Gerard ·
Guidelines for RU this weekend By Andrew OBrien ·
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