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storing the wsjt-x_log.adi 13 messages By Dave Garber ·
Manual Log Entry to WSJT-X 4 messages By hamradiosouth@... ·
PSK Reporter Log File Fields... 5 messages By Michael LaBlanc ·
Monitoring WSJT-X UDP Logbook Broadcasts 16 messages By Sam Birnbaum ·
Secondary UDP Server NO <EOR> 3 messages By HamApps Support (VK3AMA) ·
WSJT-X Cabrillo file issue 9 messages By Tony Dixon G4CJC ·
Right grid square but old State location when calling cq 7 messages By Jim Brown ·
locked Any LOTW/TQSL experts here? 2 messages By W1EL Eric ·
locked How to Change Country Color to Not Worked Status By Carl Nord ·
locked Logging issue when using FT8 Mode 4 messages By Dave Garber ·
locked #logging #NewUser #ContestMode FT Roundup 13 messages By Steve VE7GTU ·
locked #logging #NewUser #ContestMode FT Roundup By Steve VE7GTU ·
locked 2237 unreachable 10 messages By Kurt Cathcart ·
locked How do I copy my adif log into WSJT-X? 3 messages By robert scott ·
locked after upgrade qso's not loged in 4 messages By Dave Garber ·
locked Flex Two slice WSJT-X Setup 3 messages By Ken Bills ·
locked Accidental conversion of adi log to Notepad doc 6 messages By Dave Garber ·
locked MODE vs. SUBMODE for FT8 or FT4 8 messages By Philip Rose ·
locked Logging for satellite QSO's By W0DHB ·
locked Auto Seq Changes DX Call ? 3 messages By Philip Rose ·
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