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I am a retired Broadcast Engineer of more than 50 years.  I was first licensed as a Novice Ham Radio op in 1977 now an Extra.
I mentor FIRST high school robotics with Team #111 WildStang in Ill. school district 214 now in our (mine and theirs) 25th season. I also volunteer in the organization as Chief Robot Inspector, advising robot inspectors in nearly 200 events worldwide.
My ham radio interests are QRP ops, building kits and radios, restoring old gear and experimenting with antennas.  My current home HF antenna is a ground mounted Butternut HF-6 (over 64 radials) which I have modified with some addons to be more bands (80-6M).  I have built more than 30 Heathkits and still have several working. 
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