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I became a Ham in 1963 when I was 16 years old as KN3ZOT in Drexel Hill, PA (near Phila.) and then my General in 1964 as K3ZOT. I got interested in Ham Radio from a High School Electrical Shop elective given by a Ham teacher. Part of the course was studying Ham Radio and learn your Morse code to pass the Novice exam.

Here is my 1969 station when I was 22. The shack included a rare Mosley CM-1 receiver, a Lafayette HA-460 6M, and a Hammarlund HX-50 10-80M with 130 watts PEP. I worked the world with this and an inverted "V" 40M dipole.

I passed my Amateur Extra in March, 2010 after over 40 years of off and on starts. Getting back on the air (3/2010) after over 18 years of complete inactively and 30 years of very little activity. Currently running the Kenwood TS-590SG main station for HF. The 590 is running 100 watts into a G5RV (you can barely see it behind the beams in the below picture) at 40 feet running east to west for mainly 40M and 20M or my CC MA5B beam at 26' on the Glen Martin roof tower. On 6M, I am also using the TS-590SG and a converted Yaesu FL-2100B Amp (GI-7B final) running 350 watts into my CC 5 element beam at 32 feet on the same GM tower.

My XYL is Denise and we live 30 miles south of Atlanta in Henry County, GA. Graduated from Drexel University, Philadelphia in 1969/80 - BSIE/MBA. Former BSA Assistant Scout Master for 10 years. Currently retired after 40+ years in Engineering, Consulting, Logistics and Distribution. 

Both sons are Eagle Scouts, Bronze Palm level, 2nd level Order of the Arrow. Oldest son Matt is also a very rare Eagle Ranger. Matt is a Lt. Commander in the Navy Reserves - '06 USNA. He was a helo pilot in ASR (Antisubmarine and Rescue) flying SH-60Bs. After three deployments in 3 years he was then assigned to Naval Operations at the Pentagon in W., DC.  He is now working for a military assessment company in Arlington, VA. Matt will soon be on his 4th deployment to the Persian Gulf (USNR).  My youngest son Chris ('08 GA Tech) is a Captain Army Field Artillary officer previously deployed in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan.  He is now stationed at Fort Hood, TX - assigned to the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Division as an Electronic Warfare officer.   He was deployed to South Korea in 2019 and is now deployed to Germany as part of a NATO excerise. 

I have achieved my 2010 goal of confirming the WAC, WAS, DXCC, and the VUCC awards in less then one year. (I did have 49 states in 1970, but then after college I had other interests including work, got married, raised a family and now I started all over again.)

I have now received my 6M WAS Award - #1390.  As well as confirming 360 6M grids in the past seven years. My rarest 6M grid is DL88.  Also, received my CQ WPX Award (600 Prefixes) with a North American endorsement.  After 7 years of steadily trying I have finally achieved my WAZ Award with the confirmation of my last zone #23.  

K4ZOT  (previous call K3ZOT) 

DXCC (222 confirmed entities - 25 6M), DXCC-Digital FT8, WAC, WAZ, WAS, 6M-WAS, WAS-Digital FT8, VUCC (360 grids), WPX (600 Prefixes confirmed)