locked new install of wjstx problems

Carl Andreasen

I have been using wjstx since it came out, with no problems.
My computer HD died and had to be replaced. I lost all programs (only data backs up).
I downloaded and installed the latest version of wjstx and it will not work correctly. If I do the install without the optional KV decoder it makes little difference except during the install I do get a message telling me it cannot connect to "svn.code.sf.net.......". If I say to not install the optional KV decoder it installs without any errors, however when I run the program, while it sort of works, I keep getting "KV decoding error" and followed by another message (Windows 7 Pro) telling me that it cannot find a file in the /bin directory.
I have the program installed directly in the root (c:).
I have sent hours trying to identify the problem which seems related to not being able to access the svn.code.sf.net site. I can ping the site but otherwise cannot access it. Before installation I have even disabled my firewall and still no change.

Anybody have any ideas on this? I really want to get JT65/JT9 going.

Warren - K7CWA

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