locked eQSL now accepting JT9 mode

Larry Meehan (WA8EJH)

I have been in communication with the folks at eQSL.cc and they are now accepting log uploads with JT9 as the mode. I have successfully uploaded a JT9 log record from HRD.

The reason the JT9 modes were not accepted was that there was no official ADIF code for these new modes. ADIF is the data standard used by most modern logging programs. There is still nothing official from the ADIF "committee", but there will be at some point. In the meantime, eQSL is accepting JT9 as a valid mode designator.

If any records are uploaded with the more specific sub-modes of JT9-1, JT9-2, etc., they will be converted to JT9. The more specific sub-modes will be preserved in a separate (hidden) field in the database. If the ADIF specification ends up allowing the more specific sub-modes as valid modes, the mode can be restored to its original uploaded form.

The ADIF group has been reconsidering its codes for JT65 and its sub-modes. Based upon this, I am betting that the additional sub-modes will not be part of the ADIF spec, so I am putting the sub-mode in the comment field of the log record.

It was gratifying to see the willingness on the part of eQSL to solve this problem. Now let's log lots of QSOs!


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