locked V2.2.0 rc1 - Extraneous 'VHF features warning'

Rick Hall - K5GZR

Problem: Extraneous display of popup window with message: 'VHF features warning.... VHF/UHF/Microwave features is enabled on a lower frequency band.
This situation is not limited to just the two configurations I will mention here... trying to be specific with just them.
Configuration 1:  6 meters FT8 - I have selected 50.313 MHz, which is a valid VHF frequency
Configuration 2:  HF FT8 - I have selected 18.100 MHz, which is a valid non-VHF frequency
When I start at configuration 1 and switch to configuration 2, everything works as expected.
However, when I then switch back to configuration 1, I receive the popup error message as described at the top of this message.  The frequency box shows 50.313 which is not 'a lower frequency band'.
Yes, I can click on it and it goes away.
But... it gets to be annoying after a while, having to erase an error message that indicates a condition that doesn't exist when I am erasing it.  Annoying and confusing.
I went back to V2.1.2 and the error does occasionally pop up, but very rarely.  Maybe there is not enough time delay between the time the configuration's remembered frequency is sent to the radio and the time the test for this message is occurring.  
Maybe the 'remembered' frequency should have priority over the previous radio frequency when a switch to a different configuration has just occurred.
Thanks, Rick - K5GZR

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