locked Re: WSJTX_2-2-0-RC1 dont start ---

Bill Somerville

On 12/05/2020 09:51, Walter OE6IWG (JN77pk) wrote:
Hello All,

the RC1 does not start when i click the icon.
for abouth 5 or 6 seconds i see the "sand-watch" from the cursor,
after this is nothing... silence... no error.. nothing

but i can see wsjtx in the taskmanager...

i have
WIN7-prof, SP1

normaly i work with one WSJTx for HF, but when the Condx on 6m are good (some 2day), then i work
with an second WSJTx... another ports, and another rig-names - all working fine since many months.

i tested

install on C:\WSJTx = NIL
install on E:\WSJTx = NIL
startet the prg as Admin = NIL
deactivated the firewall etc = NIL

the i installed the prg on one of my other PCs (WIN7-prof-64bit SP1, only 2GB RAM, i5...
and... IT WORKS

have any1 any idea, what there is wrong?

mny tnx

-- 73s de Walter OE6IWG
Hi Walter,

it may be starting with the window off the screen, this can happen if you last used WSJT-X with a second monitor and now do not have it. Is there an icon for WSJT-X on the taskbar?


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