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I agree Bill,


The hamlib team are very active at the moment. They are preparing to release 1.4 shortly, but the mod rate is not really slowing down enough to give them a window – too many new rigs. I picked up a version from the repository a few weeks ago for my own application.


73 Phil GM3ZZA.


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you are very wrong about the activity on the Hamlib project, it is under active development and support is extremely responsive. We are happy to pass on Hamlib issues reported to the WSJT-X team or better still contribute in the form of patches. If you can replicate an issue using the Hamlib test utility rigctl or even the rigctld utility using the "Hamlib NET rigctl" driver included with WSJT-X, that would be an excellent starting point for tracking down rig model specific rig control issues.




On 12/05/2020 11:38, JP Tucson, AZ wrote:

Dave, I disagree as the Hamlib is used & distributed by the wsjt-x folks as part of the package.  


As for support on hamlib, nobody's home and 'they' haven't made an upgrade in years according to; well, just about everyone. It is semi-orphaned.


No, the problem is that in wsjt-x, there is NO selection at all for the TS-440S. Odd, since that radio is still widely used.



73 - John - N7GHZ


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For the TS440s issue, you need to talk to the Hamlib people over on:-


You'll need to subscribe to the mailing list at:- 

To get that sorted out, it's not a WSJTx problem as such.


Dave G0WBX.



73 Phil GM3ZZA

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