Locked Re: V2.2.0 rc1 error on start up (32 bit)


Hi Charlie,
Yes, I did read that this would happen, but just forgot in haste to download(even the download link said Windows7 or better!) but I didn't "see" it.
The previous version of the program still works OK, but if using EU contest mode it won't, this has been upgraded for better performance and is not backward compatible.
That's moot ATM as I'm virtually QRT on 144 &432, where this set up is working, due to TVI. So a contest is out of the question, just an odd contact here and there.
I was in the process of getting an IC-9700, which will be fine on the new PC (I've got a 7300 on 6 & 4), but the present situation has scuppered all that for a while.
Keep well, 73,

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Subject: Re: [WSJTX] V2.2.0 rc1 error on start up (32 bit)
Hi Bob

You are not alone! I saw the same error message on my 32 bit Vista
machine. It was due for retirement anyway....


Charlie G3WDG

> Hi,
> Have just downloaded the new rc1, and the 64 bit version is working on
> my W10 64 bits PC, but the 32 bit version is not on my Vista 32 bit
> laptop.
> I get an error message as in the attached screengrab.
> Bob G8HGN

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