Locked Re: 2.2.0-rc1

Herb Blue - WB8ASI

Same here, and the real nice part is that the station on the other end is also getting deeper decodes that includes me !!!   Getting out better already so it seems.  Good stuff. 73 Herb WB8ASI

On May 11, 2020 at 9:16 PM Dave Cole < dave@...> wrote:

Same here, 64 bit, and I am seeing far deeper decodes than I have been
in the past... Nicely done sirs!!

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
ARRL Volunteer Examiner
ARRL Technical Specialist
ARRL Asst. Director, NW Division, Technical Resources

On 5/11/20 3:05 PM, Gary Gorniak wrote:
Installation of the 64 bit Windows version went flawlessly for me.  So
far I have seen no issues.  One thing of note is that I seem to be
decoding more signals that are close to the noise floor on the
waterfall, in the -20 to -24 range.  Just an observation so far.  I have
not quantified it.

As always, thanks to you and your team Joe for all the hard work!

73 de Gary – W9BS

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