locked Re: MS update sent my Silicon Lab Ports and CODEC files into Hidden.

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Also check Win10 Settings > Privacy and make sure Microphone is allowed to be used by WSJTX.   If your new computer and you are new to Win10, you will notice it often will try and help you in wrong ways, by changing things without your knowledge. 73 Herb WB8ASI

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I was working FT8 this past Sat in the morning. I took a break and came back into the shack and tried to make a contact. Noticed no power was being sent. Then I got a config error. I am sure this is a MS issue. Other than a complete reformat of my lab top, any thoughts? And if I do a reformat, how can I keep this from happening again? I have tried to move back the hidden files, but ran into issue of the computer not connecting to the files. I have been working on this for 3 days.
When you checked to see what ports were assigned in WSJT-X, what did you find? Did you also check to see if the port went to sleep? That seems like a likely suspect. Power savings should be disabled on all ports, as previously mentioned on this forum a few times a week it seems.

Gary - AG0N

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