locked Re: v2.2.0.rc1 settings and rig control problems

Bill Somerville

On 11/05/2020 22:57, ktfrog007@... wrote:
Hi Bill,

I'm having settings problems with the new 2.2.0-rc1.  Both 32 bit and 64 bit behave the same. Tried both.  Have had no problems in the past.

In the following I'm running WSJT-X 2.2.0-rc1 64 bit with rig control to a Flex 6500 on Win 8.0.

Here's an example of what happens:

I've turned the 6500 output to zero, so no RFI issues.  WSJT-X Pwr set as per normal for audio drive..

I call CQ with a three minute time out.  Rig control is working.

After one or two CQs WSJT-X does a "Halt TX", disabling TX.  Much of the time this also disables the rig control and I get the "Rig Control Error" splash screen.  

I can OK that to go to the "Radio Setting" screen, OK again and I go back to the program and rig control works again. I need to hit "Enable TX" to continue.  

If I power up the 6500 and get a QSO going, WSJT-X will often disable TX again during the QSO so I have to manually re-Enable. And often I'll get the "Rig Control Error" again,

It seems settings are getting lost somehow along the way.  It's difficult to see a pattern.

Some of my "General" settings weren't carried over from 2.1.2 but once reset, they stay..

Ken, AB1J

Hi Ken,

when you get a "Rig control error" message box please report the full error including the details. For your convenience you can copy the full error text including the details to the Windows clipboard simply by hitting CTRL+C while the error message box has keyboard focus (the 'X' to the right of the title bar showing with a red background). Then paste (CRTL+V) the clipboard text into a reply to this message please?


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