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Jeff Townsend

I had a busy night last night.

I picked up 6 more states and a bunch of grids.
I am at 32 states worked and 29 confirmed.

Got ID, CO, NV, OK, NE and NM.

On May 11, 2020, at 9:24 AM, Kermit Lehman via groups.io <ktfrog007@...> wrote:


One of the fringe benefits of a waterfall display, as in WSJT-X, is sightings of strange signals that occasionally show up.  At least I enjoy it as long as they don't interfere too much.

Some of them are other amateur radio signals that we aren't used to seeing in a graphic display.  PACTOR, for example.  Sometimes someone will accidentally sweep a CW signal across the band.  Some are signals from other services that have strayed.  

At my QTH there are also many junk signals from devices in my neighborhood which contribute to the overall noise floor but can also stand out as individual signals.  These are usually seen as broad noise bands.  They often unstable and gradually drift across the waterfall, back and forth sometimes.  I've noticed some of these change as people move in and out of the area.

Here is a resource for identifying different radio signal modes:

Ken, AB1J

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