locked Re: JT Alert Question

John Morphet

This depends if JTAlert uses all.txt. I would ask the question on the JTalert forum. Secondly, If you really have to delete it, I would not. I would save it off somewhere else and start with a fresh file. What about the WSJTX_log.adi file? Are you really having a space problem? Most modern operating systems today can handle a very large file size. If you are running out of hard drive space. There are probably much larger candidates you could look at or get a larger hard drive.


John, WØZI


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I know I'm on the wrong forum, but I don't see how to post on the JTAlert forum.

My question is simple and it has to do with the "All.txt" file.

It is getting very large and would like to know, what happens, if anything if I erase it ?


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