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Phil, unfortunately probably not much given what Steve reported concerning his problem getting the power company to actually do something about his line noise issue.

I am not sure, since you haven't mentioned you callsign that I have seen, where you live, but here in the U.S. we do have some alternatives when the power companies don't cooperate.  Since this kind of noise is so prevalent on the low bands and can come from a considerable distance away, it is definitely worth discussing those alternatives.  It is one thing to have an S2 line noise problem that ambient noise would likely overrun anyway...... It is quite another to have it wiping you out at S9+106.  THAT needs to be dealt with because it is flat preventing communications on the band.... Period!  

If that sounded pedantic, please forgive me, but again I am not sure where you live and I know the rules in other countries are quite different from ours here in the U.S. in this regard.  At least, I would suspect they are.  I have had considerable success, as I mentioned in a prior post to Steve, getting the power company to cooperate with noise issues.  I suspect there may be a way to get his to cooperate, too, if we can help m find the "magic words" or magic contacts in that company to make it happen....... Maybe not, but it is definitely worth a try.  I mean,  given my own experience, it is just as likely to be a problem on ANY band as it is to be one on 160 or 80...... In fact, in my case, 30 meters was getting hammered once when most of the other bands were pretty quiet..... 160 being the notable exception on that occasion...... It always seems to catch it, no matter which other bands are involved :). In that case, it was a very dirty insulator on some high tension lines not too far away.  I was able to DF it before I called the company.  If you remember the HABOOB that we experienced here in Phoenix a while back, that was apparently the cause of that particular insulator gathering enough dirt to make arcing a virtual guarantee.  The power company involved (we have two major ones) had it fixed in less than 24 hours.

So, like I was saying, all is not lost, you just have to convince them it is in their interest.  Since power "arced" is power lost (and not being payed for), it is usually possible to get their attention.  That is really the point, right?

Mike AB7ZU

Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka

On Nov 18, 2012, at 8:09, Phil Williams <ka1gmn@...> wrote:

So what does this all mean? In the big scheme of things?

On Nov 18, 2012 7:58 AM, "Mike Armstrong" <armstrmj@...> wrote:

Bill and Don, you are both wrong..... I wasn't speaking about 30 meters at all...... My discussion has mostly been to Steve concerning 160 and 80 meters.  However, the power company isn't a spectrum user at all and is operating an ILLEGAL SPARK GAP TRANSMITTER on the entire radio spectrum, of which we are a primary user on most of our bands..... But in the case of 30 meters we are STILL users and the power company IS NOT!

There..... Clear this time?

Mike AB7ZU

Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka

On Nov 17, 2012, at 21:02, Bill Harris <w7kxb@...> wrote:


Mike/AB7ZU refered to us as "Primary Users".   We in Region Two have Secondary Status. Same in Region Three and One.

No one said anything about the Power Company being a Primary User on 30 meters.  "Our  Reg,s (FCC) state that we avoid interfering with other non-amateur licensed users.." who have Primary Status.

>>The problem I see is we hear someone , assume its a commercial user, being primary user, and we quietly go away. << 

Not necessary Don.  Just QSY if your "interfering" with his transmission..(not sure how you would know that unless you got a "Pink Ticket"  (FCC TALK)  I doubt our 200 watts are going to QRM the primary stations ,  unless your next door to  their receiving station.

de Bill-w7kxb . .

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Where do you get a primary user out of a power company radiating on power lines being a legit user.

The problem I see is we hear someone , assume its a commercial user, being primary user, and we quietly go away.

Are they actually allowed there more to the point.

Don zl1atb


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