Locked Interesting new display

WB5JJJ - George

Just installed v2.2.0 rc1 and found that the Band Activity window has a "new normal" that I find awkward.  

After the first decode period at 11.8s, the window works exactly as before, but at the conconsulsion of ALL decodes at ~15s, it resets the display to show only those last decoded.  You must scroll up to see the original (larger) list of decodes.  

Temporary solution under Settings is to uncheck "Start new period decodes at top".  Now you have a continuous flow of decodes (old way).  I really enjoyed the start new decodes with the overflow off the bottom of the BA window, a much smaller list typically.  I have part of the monitor display real estate taken up  by JTAlert with just 3 lines of decodes, docked above WSJTx.  

George - WB5JJJ

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