locked sticky Re: Linux Serial Port Issues


Hi Mark,

On 11.5.2020 15.41, Mark Erbaugh wrote:

I did the “usermod -a -G dialout pi” to add my local user (pi) to the dialout group for access to the serial ports.

You issuded "sudo usermod ...", right?
After that, did you log off and on again?
Does command 'id' show 'dialout' as one of your groups now?

What does command 'ls -ltr /dev/tty*' show when you have
the KUSB cable connected?


Back on the WSJT-X  main screen, the frequency mirrors the KX3’s frequency, changes to frequency on the radio change in WSJT-X and vice versa, but the “fake it” split mode doesn’t work.

What exactly does not work? How did you test?


I did various things such as changing the owner of the serial ports to the local user and changing the group of the serial ports to the local user – no change.

No need to do anything like that. 


73's de Kari, oh2gqc

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