locked sticky Linux Serial Port Issues

Mark Erbaugh <mark.election@...>

I am building a Raspberry Pi 4 to serve as a portable data terminal. For more information, see KM4ACK’s YouTube video and his pi-build script on GitHub (www.github.com/km4ack/pi-build).


The rig is an Elecraft KX3. The interface is a Timewave Navigator. The Navigator provides multiple FTDI USB/serial ports, one of which provides a CAT interface to the rig. Just to eliminate the Navigator as the problem, I also tried the standard Elecraft KXUSB interface cable, which also provides a FDTI USB serial port. (the Navigator and KXUSB were not connected at the same time).


With the interface cable plugged in to the RPi, I did dmesg and saw that the serial ports were correctly associated with the FTDI drivers.


I did the “usermod -a -G dialout pi” to add my local user (pi) to the dialout group for access to the serial ports.


FLRig is able to access the CAT interface and control the KX3.


I exit FLRig and launch WSJT-X. Under rig setup, I specify the correct serial port (/dev/ttyUSB0) and baud rate. I click the Test CAT button and it doesn’t change color – neither red nor green. Sometimes, this disables the Test PTT button, but when it doesn’t toggling the Test PTT button toggles Tx on the KX3.


Back on the WSJT-X  main screen, the frequency mirrors the KX3’s frequency, changes to frequency on the radio change in WSJT-X and vice versa, but the “fake it” split mode doesn’t work.


This is with WSJT-X 2.1.10 which was built from source code. The RPi 4 is running Raspian Buster which has been updated with the latest changes.


For comparison, I installed WSJT-X 2.1.12 from the .deb file on the website onto a desktop computer running Linux Mint 19. I saw the same problems. Again FLRig worked fine.


I did various things such as changing the owner of the serial ports to the local user and changing the group of the serial ports to the local user – no change.


I started WSJT-X using sudo and the Test CAT button worked and turned green, so I think there may still be a permission issue.


Thanks for any suggestions, 73,

Mark, N8ME





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