Locked Re: WSJT-X to N3FJP AC Log Interface

Jim Shorney

I can appreciate that. I started out with paper logging as well in the mid 70s. I still do a lot manually that today's hams insist on using computer control for, but for logging I find that the software communication improves my accuracy. Yes, I make typos! I always confirm what was logged of course. The software load here is pretty stable, once I set it all up it just keeps running. Of course most of the critical stuff runs in Linux. All bets are off with Windows. What I do see from the volume of support emails in various forums is that the real time sink is keeping CAT running. :)



On Sun, 10 May 2020 18:22:04 +0000
"Chuck K4RGN" <K4rgn@...> wrote:

Personally I choose to run N3FJP ACL independently of WSJT-X (and of fldigi too). It’s little effort to type in the log entry, and it increases the sense of actively operating my station. Also, I’d rather spend my time on other projects than installing even more shack software. I confess that I began with pen and paper logbooks in 1970. But with 7000+ FT8 QSOs I haven’t tired of manual logging yet.

73 Chuck K4RGN

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