Locked Re: WSJT-X to N3FJP AC Log Interface

Jim Shorney

On Sun, 10 May 2020 10:24:23 -0700
"Steve Wilson via groups.io" <steve_wilson@...> wrote:

Per Scott's site, that is up to WSJT-X to support, not Scott. That is why I posted here.
It is good that you asked, and I appreciate the additional perspective that G4WJS provided. We have two sides with very busy developers who have constraints on their time. They both make valid points and are really saying pretty much the same thing. Which is OK. There are always workarounds.

Personally, I don't like bridge programs. But others do and that is a good alternative for them. I have always run WSJT-X under Linux. It happily talks to SpotCollector running on a Win7 box. The W3DJS Python script runs quietly in the background on the Linux machine and just does its job. I have tested it both talking to ACL on the Win7 box and ACL under WinXP running in a VM on the Linux machine. There are many ways to handle this.



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