locked Re: FT4 Freq for 15M

Bill Somerville

On 10/05/2020 15:46, David Perry wrote:
What is the FT4 frequency for 15 meter band?  Is it 21,140 kHz?


Dave, N4QS
Hi Dave,

that is the FT4 working frequency suggestion provided with WSJT-X, if your WSJT-X application and rig are not switching to that frequency when switching to 15m in FT4 mode then you may need to reset the "Settings->Frequencies->Working Frequencies" table by right-clicking the table body and selecting "Reset". Of course you are also free to add one or more other working frequencies to that table, for example if contest organizers recommend them, or simply if you find FT4 activity elsewhere and want those frequencies easily selectable from the WSJT-X main window. The normal rules apply, you may operate on any free frequency within your local band plan recommendations for narrow band digital modes.


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