locked No direct update of LotW User List using the Fetch Now button despite updated SSL and VC Redist

Frode Igland

Running WSJT-X 2.1.2 on Win10 64bit Dell laptop with i7 processor, 8 GB RAM

A while ago the automatic update of the LoTW-user-activity.csv file in Settings | Colors - [Fetch Now] button quit working, producing the "Error Loading LotW Users Data" window. I cannot recall any particular issues or updates that should cause the sudden problem, as fetching/updating used to work well.

To try to remedy the issue I followed the instruction in the User Guide chapter 3.1 and updated the Win64 Open SSL Light file (which has now reached version "1.0.2u"), using only default options during the installation, as well as the vcredist_x64.exe file. None of this gave any improvement.

It is not really a problem for me as I just downloaded the csv-file from ARRL and copied it into the WSJT-X log directory, so colour coding of the decoded LoTW users works just fine. It is just the direct update using the [Fetch Now] button that for some reason no longer works.

Has anybody else seen this issue?
Is there any reason that a new install of the SSL file and the VC Redist file should not bring the update function back to former glory?

73 LA6VQ Frode

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