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Bill, just to make sure you understand.... Despite the subject line, which wasn't mine..... I was responding to a post by Steve and, quite frankly, haven't said anything at all about 30 meters in any of my posts....... If you read any of my others, you would note that most of my discussion has been aimed at 160, with a dabbling of 80. But this commentary about the power company operating spark gap transmitters, which is what an electric arc really is, had to do with us being users (mostly primary on OUR bands) and them not being ANY user of that spectrum upon which we are legitimate users, whether primary or secondary........

I am afraid you missed the point of the posts to begin with because it was about lighting a fire underneath the power company out Steve's way to get them to clean up their act. They are making it impossible for him to operate 160...... That needs to be fixed. The fact that the FCC hasn't assisted him really hacks me off...... They make alot of rules and control our spectrum, but they don't seem to have an enforcement arm that is worth spit. Otherwise power companies would be cited for operating, unintentionally or negligently, illegal spark gap transmitters that cause all manner of havoc for any and all users...... Primary or secondary.

I hope that makes my series of posts with Steve a little clearer. I am trying to whip up some activity there on this mode and it really blows that he can't go there due, in large part, to the power lines around his house radiating on bands they aren't licensed to operate...... Not to mention that even WE cannot operate a spark gap transmitter in our own spectrum..... Again, the discussion had nothing to do, whatsoever, with 30 meters specifically. :) :)

Mike AB7ZU

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