Locked JTSDK Nix v2.0.7 Available ( Major Update )

KI7MT <ki7mt01@...>

Hello All,

Previous to v2.0.7, JTSDK Nix was focused on Debian/Ubuntu based
distro's. This is no longer the case. There is a separate Launchpad
package that deals with Debain/Ubuntu specifically and the JTSDK sources
are being updated to allow for usage on a broader range of distributions
( Fedora, Mac, FreeBSD, etc ).

For Debian/Ubuntu, the Launchpad package will take care of both JTSDK
and Application dependencies. For all other distro's building JTSDK Nix
from source, you need to ensure all packages dependencies are met before
hand. I've started a package list file to aid others in getting their
image updated with the appropriate packages, but, if you have a list of
packages for your distro / version that is not listed in
README.pkg-list, pass it along and I will add it to the the file on the
next update. At the moment, this pkg-list contains only Debian/Ubuntu
based distro's, as I do not have a definitive list for other distro's.

There may be a few script syntax issues ( bashisms ) that may need to be
resolved for Mac / FreeBSD. If you test things out and find a problem in
the scripts, pass it along and I will try to resolve it. Bare in mind, I
d not have a Mac nor FreeBSD image to test with.

*INSTALLATION* - ( non-Debian/Ubuntu )
* You will need all the dependencies before hand. For JTSDK itself,
there are only a few, most are included in a base installation:

autoconf gcc make dialog subversion lsb-release bash coreutils awk/gawk

Note: lsb-release will be removed over the next couple of updates.

* Then follow the install instructions from here:


*INSTALLATION* - ( Debian and Ubuntu Based Distro's )
Instructions below detail how to enable Launchpad PPA's for use with
both Ubuntu and Debian, as they differ slightly. The i386/amd64 installs
are fairly well tested by the community. ARMv7 should be available on
the next update (v2.0.8/9).

ARCH.....: i386, amd64, ARMv7
ARMv7 ...: Ubuntu-Mate and Debian Jessie
DISTRO...: Ubuntu (14.04, 14.10, 15.04, 15.10)
.........: Mint 17.1 LTS (Uses Ubuntu 14.04 repos)
.........: Debian Jessie (8.x)

-All in a terminal
* sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ki7mt/jtsdk
* Accept PGP Key
* sudo apt-get update
* sudo apt-get install jtsdk
* To Run, type: jtsdk

Note: Don't forget to build Hamlib3 before building WSJT-X.

-Edit your source list, adding the source lines listed below

* sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

# Enable JTSDK PPA for Debian
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ki7mt/jtsdk/ubuntu trusty main

Ctrl+X, Enter to save and exit

* sudo apt-get update
* sudo apt-get install jtsdk
* To Run, type: jtsdk

Note: Don't forget to build Hamlib3 before building WSJT-X.

For Debian 8.0 (Jessie, which includes Raspbian) and Ubuntu 14.10, read
and follow the post install instructions out lined in:


-Updates are delivered through your normal Update && Upgrade process

Greg, KI7MT

Launchpad....: https://launchpad.net/~ki7mt
Ubuntu Hams..: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-hams-devel
Debian Hams..: https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-hamradio/
JTSDK........: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jtsdk/
OpenPGP......: C177 6630 7115 78FE 9A2B 9F7F 18C0 F6B7 0DA2 F991

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