locked Re: About MSK144

Frode Igland

Checking or unchecking the "Disable Tx after sending 73" checkbox in Settings - General -  Behavior has no effect in FT8 and FT4, as disabling Tx is the hardcoded default overriding the "Enable Tx" button in order to avoid unattended robot operation by enabling automated CQs after completing a QSO.

However, in modes like MSK144, the TX is not disabled after sending 73, for example because it can be expected that repeating the 73 may be required to be able to complete the QSO. The same applies to JT9 and JT65, where sending 73 does not disable the TX (and the "Enable Tx" button remains red until you log the QSO). For these modes the "Disable Tx after sending 73" becomes effective. If for example the conditions are so good that one 73 can be expected to be sufficient to complete the QSO, this checkbox can be checked to avoid the transmission of repeated 73. So if  you want to keep the TX enabled after sending 73 in MSK144, make sure that you have not checked the "Disable Tx after sending 73". If you have checked this box, the TX will be disabled, and you may lose an opportunity to complete the QSO.

The "Disable Tx after sending 73" checkbox has created some confusion when FT8/FT4 operators have wanted to avoid the hardcoded default in FT8/FT4 of having to click "Enable Tx" to start the next QSO. This issue regularly pops up here and in various WSJT-X/FT8 Facebook groups, but as mentioned above, this checkbox has no function in FT8/FT4.

Frode LA6VQ

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