locked Re: IC 7610 Mode selection

Derek Brown

Ref:  IC7610 Auto selection of USB-D1 when changed to WSJT-X from SSB, yes I found it changes over and then receives ok, but as soon as I hit TX enable or after the software as ran one cq or answer string to a station, it reverts to USB and thus goes into TX on next period, but does not transmit the tones as the software in the radio, has sent the audio input back to the mike socket !! So it works and it does not work.....back to the old way, touch screen pressing, not too much of an hassle as the radio tends to stay on WSJT-X for 80% of the time, because to be fair, thats were all the activity is, 17, 15, 12, 10 & 6M anyone on the SSB section ? Nope, all FT8 or FT4 !!! We need to get the rest of the bands active, otherwise the regulators will say we only need 50Khz for the digital stuff.....

Any ideas anyone, ? IC7610 Mode selection that is not getting mre SSB stations on the air.....73 Derek G8ECI

On Monday, 4 May 2020, 18:13:10 BST, Bob DSB via groups.io <bobdsb@...> wrote:

Perfect! Thanks very much for a straight concise answer to a short question.

If only everything in life was so simple:)

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