Locked Re: Windows 10 Update made WSJT-X Deaf

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

As a rule, the answer is YES, Windows likely set the audio settings and levels in the computer to default values.   It is easy to correct and is no more than the "setup" of the audio, in the computer levels.   Left Click on the SPKR ICON and set the value to 35% or so.  This is the transmit level audio used in conjunction with the Signalink TX control and the Line Gain control on the radio.   

Then Right Click on the SPKR ICON, then select "Open Sound Settings".   Go to INPUT, Choose your input device which should be a CODEC.   Then click on Device Properties. Then Additional Device properties under Related Settings.  That brings up another page where you can choose levels.   This sets the receive level for WSJT.   It normally runs -10 dB or 30% whichever is displayed.    If you right-click on the slider you can swap between dB and %

EVERYONE  should learn to use this information as using the computer for other audio applications may likely change these settings.  There are 3 or 4 places where the audio levels are controlled.  Each ONE should be correctly set for optimum performance.  None of the settings should be near or very near Minimum or Maximum values.  If so, something is not correct. 


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