Locked JTSDK Win32 Update Available - ( WSPR User Guide )

KI7MT <ki7mt01@...>

Hello All,

After a bit of trial & error, I think things are sorted out for building the WSPR user-guide on Windows. Getting Python2 and Python3 to play nicely together was a bit of a trick ;-)

In any case, commands are as follows:

Build Invocations ( All in JTSDK-PY ):
* Build Just the Doc: build-wspr doc
* Build Install: build-wspr
* Build Package: build-package

If you need a Python Command Line Interrupter:
* For Python27, type: python2
* For Python33, type: python3

* Windows > Start > Programs > JTSDK > JTSDK Update

That should do it. When you build WSPR the first time after the upgrade, make sure you perform the update from SVN, or do a new checkout, whichever you prefer.

If you have any issues, or things are not working properly for you, post them to: < wsjt-devel@... >

Greg, KI7MT

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