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Bob McGraw - K4TAX

Regarding Windows upgrade and updates, it is normal for Windows to set definitions to default values.  Thus what you used last may not be what is being accessed today.  If you use your computer to play music, watch videos or other applications, which require either the video and/or sound card, I have found, depending on how one exits the application, it may not return to default values.    Some applications do not leave a clean exit.

Some ham applications are noted to do this.  Therefore, always make a proper exit for any application.  The FILE drop down menu usually has EXIT or CLOSE at the bottom line.  That is the purpose of its existence.  Please use it.

You should know what components are used for your ham applications, WJST-X, MMTTY, FLDIGI, HRD, and etc.  Those may need attention when something has changed.  Make screen shots and print them out if need be. 

For those that say I have no audio and have every level at MAX, be assured this is always very incorrect.  Always start at 30% or 1/3 scale and work up with knowledge and intent with each level control.  I find that no setting or control should ever be at MAX.  In the computer interfaces, they are designed to operate a nominal levels.   A near Minimum value setting or Maximum value setting says to me that things are not adjusted correctly.   In most audio paths, there are 3 or 4 places where audio levels must be controlled.  Learn where each one is, what it does, and what is the normal and correct value. 

You will blame Windows a lot less.


Bob, K4TAX

3a.  Re: help -- suddenly no audio out to radio #audio_issues #audio
From: Richard Lawn
Date: Sat, 02 May 2020 11:15:30 PDT

I had similar problems yesterday just as I went to make some EME contacts and got really frustrated. Finally after suspecting that it was a usb reassign error due to a win 10 upgrade, I realized that what was reported was a hamlib error. I searched for hamlib and it allowed me to reinstall it. While an error popped up during the install process it did fix the problem. Then in the middle of an EME QSO I lost audio output. I ended up restarting the computer and the problem seemed to be fixed. Haven’t tried it yet today. The real frustration came in the trouble shooting process was when I tried to connect CAT using other applications such as HRD and MSHV and found there were no problems. I also tried my 7610 and it worked just fine with WSJT-X. If this continues I may have to return to WSJT for eme work as I’m still not convinced that I have this solved. I’ll read through some of the other suggestions made.

Rick, W2JAZ

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