Locked Re: Menu Items Grayed out or Missing

Bill Somerville

On 03/06/2015 00:28, rhall2564@... [WSJTX] wrote:
Hi Rick,

Sorry you have had some issues with the latest versions of WSJT-X.

I have been using WSJT-X 1.3 on an Acer computer running Win XP Pro with no problems. I have tried upgrading to version 1.4 then version 1.5. With both of these versions I have trouble with the Radio setup menu. With version 1.5 I have the following problems. The PTT Method box is grayed out. The TX Audio source is grayed out. The Data Bits and Stop bits are not grayed out but the words within these boxes are not complete, top and bottom of the letters are missing.  The other menus are all complete and fully functional.  Any suggestions? Windows OS has received all of the updates.

Some versions of Windows have been rendering the settings window a bit larger than expected. If you drag the window a bit taller you will find that all the controls are revealed.

Rick VA3TX


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