Locked Documentation Build Migration - ( WSJT and WSPR / FMT Tools)

KI7MT <ki7mt01@...>

Hello All,

As most everyone knows, WSJT-X has moved it's documentation build method
to an in application target.

I've updated the JTSDK build script (build-doc.sh), used in both
JTSDK-DOC and JTSDK-Nix, to display a message rather than building the

Too keep things consistent, we'll be moving to this method of build (in
application build targets ) for the remaining WSJT applications.

The first two will be WSPR (including the FMT tools) followed by WSJT.
As time allows WSPRX and MAP65 will follow.

For the end user dev's, the move should be fairly transparent. Anyone
using either JTSDK Win32 or JTSDK Nix will already have the required
dependencies installed. Package managers will need to update their build
systems to facilitate builds using AscciDoc.

As each application is migrated and Joe is happy with the results, we'll
then remove that particular application from the documentation build
script (build-doc.sh).

If you have questions or concerns, post them to:


Greg, KI7MT

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