locked Re: High CPU useage on MSK144

Derek Brown

HI Wayne,

If you have the TOL opened up too wide, if uses a LOT of processing power, if you close the TOL setting down it should decrease, but of course if you or your QSO partner is off frequency, it probably will not decode, th  software is VERY CPU hungery in MSK144, FSK144 in the old version of WSJT 10, was not as CPU usage heavy, but there's not too many people using FSK144 anymore.

I am NOT an expert, but thats what I was told, when I had the same problem, lower the TOL or buy a faster PC ? I presume any other programs running in the background, logging etc, probably dont help either

73 Derek G8ECI

On Thursday, 30 April 2020, 06:32:47 BST, Wayne Newport <wazzan1@...> wrote:

I have a problem when I use MSK144 on wsjtx. The cpu usage is 76% when using MSK144 pushing the total CPU usage to 100% which then makes the program unusable. But on FT8 and JT65 everything is fine and the cpu useage on wsjtx exe drops down to about 9% and everything works ok. Would anyone have any  idea why the cpu useage would be so high when the mode MSK144 is selected
Wayne VK4WTN

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