locked Re: WSJT log size?


I have almost 12,000 in my WSJT log and it is working fine. Granted I have much more than that in CW, RTTY  and some SSB using N1MM, but WSJT log seems to be doing fine with quick response. Hope that helps.

73, Bruce, W8HW


On 4/29/2020 11:52 AM, Bob Lewis wrote:

Anyone have any idea about how many entries the WSJT-x log file can take before it starts affecting performance? I’m thinking that at some point it might be good to start deleting the oldest entries. For example, you could delete entries older than 4 years. That would mean that stations you haven’t worked in 4 years would again show up as new stations. It might not be a bad thing to work someone again after 4 years, especially on VHF.




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