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Herb Blue - WB8ASI

See attached for set up for LOTW indicators in WSJTX and JTAlert.  Good luck and hope to catch you on the air. 73 Herb WB8ASI

April 27, 2020 at 3:33 PM K8BL BOB LIDDY <k8bl@...> wrote:

From The WSJTX User Manual Section 4.7:

Logbook of The World User Validation

Stations who are known to have uploaded their logs to the ARRL LoTW QSL matching service can be highlighted. The data used to determine this is available on line.

FYI - I haven't used this myself since I don't care, but it appears you can highlight LoTW Stations
 by a specific color. This is probably only when they call CQ. IMHO, the stations that choose NOT
 to use LoTW are missing out on a very valuable resource for confirmations. It also hurts fellow Hams
 who rely on those confirmations for Awards. And, it's FREE to use!!!

GL/73,    Bob  K8BL

On Monday, April 27, 2020, 03:11:58 PM EDT, Timothy Nichols via groups.io <parkerfly3@...> wrote:

AT the risk of being abused for not knowing this, how does one actually screen for LOTW users. Is there a list? Thanks


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On 4/26/2020 6:43 PM, Phil wrote:
> Thank you Hasan, and everyone else who replied.
> I managed to make two FT8 contacts this morning. One by answering a CQ
> and the other station answered my CQ. Further CQs went unanswered,
> perhaps this afternoon will be better. I increased the output to 20
> watts. I also made three WSPR transmissions after I'd given up on FT8
> at around 0100 (UTC).
> I didn't have a perverse reason for not including my call sign. I've
> been licensed for 47 years and have never felt any real need to tell
> anyone about my hobbies.

Thank you for providing your call. It helps.

Looking at pskreporter, I see you are being heard in various areas,
mostly in the western Pacific, and some in the USA. Looking at
hamspots,net, your time seems to be close enough - most of the DTs are
0.1 to 0.3, with a few outliers. I do notice, however, that most of the
reports from outside of Australia show your SNR from -10 to -17. You can
still make QSOs, but a stronger signal would help. As others have said,
more power and/or a better antenna would help.

One other thing - I see you don't use LOTW. There are those that won't
answer CQs from hams who don't use LOTW. The same might apply to your
responses to CQs from others. After all, one of the main reasons  for
using these modes is for awards. Yes, you will make QSOs without using
LOTW.  However, it might improve your chances to do so. Same goes for eQSL.


Jim N6VH



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