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Jim Spence


Thanks for the feedback.  After experimenting further last night I found that after my graphics driver update the problem returned, so I ran a minimal test overnight with just 2x WSJT + 2x JTAlert + WinGrid to check status.  After close to 10 hours the problem has NOT reappeared.  I just added DX4WIN to the mix and we'll check later today.

I've wavered back and forth on whether this is a Chrome/RAM issue.  I have significant amounts of Available RAM which led me to believe I'm ok when Chrome is up and running, but there does seem to be a Chrome dependence here.

I have a RAM upgrade on the way and will tinker with Chrome settings per your suggestions below.  (I may also try Firefox).

73 & Thanks,

Jim KO9A

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Hi Jim, you seem to have a pretty decent system there (although running 2 x WSJT-X and 2 x JTAlert will no doubt keep it fairly busy!) but have you tried closing the Chrome browser and seeing if that makes any difference to the occurrence of the droputs?

My reason for suggesting this is that I've recently discovered that on my Win 7 Pro system (with a much less potent CPU than yours and with only 4G of RAM) having Firefox (68.7.0 ESR) running, albeit minimised, with seven active tabs was really consuming memory, almost as though over a period of time there was a 'memory leakage' problem.

I've now tweaked the Firefox configuration so that it's only allowed to use 256M of RAM for its cache and I've also limited its number of 'content processes' to 1 (the default is 8).  These tweaks haven't altered the usability of the browser to any noticeable extent but have have definitely resulted in an improvement in the amount of memory available for WSJT-X and the other apps I run concurrently to the extent that now (according to Task Manager) my system never seems to use all the available memory or run with maximum CPU usage.

If you find that closing the Chrome browser does have a beneficial effect on the dropouts then you might be able to tweak its configuration in the same way as I've done for Firefox - I don't know Chrome at all so I can't offer any suggestions about how to change its cache size or its number of content processes.


Martin G0HDB

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