Locked Re: USB Audio Dropouts

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

I'm surprised to read about the issues folks are having with Windows 10.   I've been using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on a HP laptop that was originally designed and released with Windows Vista.  I have upgraded the memory to the max which is 4 Gig.  I do allow Windows to perform and install automatic updates.  I find the system is quite stable and reliable with none of the issues being described.  I find that updates are very important, must be done, and do enhance performance.

I do regular computer maintenance, at least once per month, meaning I have an active Antivirus program which is the paid version of AVG.   I also run Malware Bytes being the paid version.   These run in the background.    For the regular maintenance, I use CCleaner, paid version to scan for broken file links being the result of program installation and program removal.  I also use this application to scan the Registry.  This rids the system of left over strings from installation and removal of programs.  I know some have said WSJT does not write to the Registry but other applications do write to the Register.

I find many applications have an Uninstall process, but I find that does not really remove all the garbage.    As a general rule, if you are having computer issues with Windows 10, I'd say a computer maintenance effort needs to be implemented.

And as always, I run incremental back-ups each Monday using an external solid state drive.   That is part of my maintenance program.   A poorly maintained computer is like a poorly maintained vehicle.  It won't be reliable.


Bob, K4TAX

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