locked Re: Special spanish callsign - Imposible to permform a QSO using FT8


C U on CW... 73, Bruce


On 4/17/2020 12:57 PM, ea4ac.radio@... wrote:

In Spain from April 15th to the 30th, we can use the the special callsigns AMx95XXX, ANx95XXX or AOx95XXX to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the IARU.

The “Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles” (Spanish Radio Amateurs Union) celebrates this anniversary with 10 special callsigns, AM95WARD, AM1WARD to AM9WARD.

I have tried several times to complete a QSO in FT8 using my AO495AC callsign with any other station with these special callsigns and the WSJT-X program does not allow me to complete a QSO, see screenshot.

Can you please indicate what happens and how to solve it?

I use WSJT-X version


Thanks in advance.

Cedric Puchalski


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