Locked Re: K3S and WSJT-X on 160M

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

A solution that does work.   Thanks to Bill Sommerville of the WSJT support group for providing this information.  

Although running this sort of split will work on some rigs using CAT control, by selecting "Settings->Radio->Split Operating->None", it is not officially supported.

If it doesn't work for your rig, then you can disable CAT control and set the rig's VFOs and SPLIT manually by selecting "Settings->Radio->Rig->None". This clearly cannot be used with CAT PTT commands but if your rig supports PTT via RTS use that, or VOX (or DATA VOX) on the rig.

You can make a separate configuration in WSJT-X to support this including the Rx the frequency for logging.

I hope this is of assistance to others.
Bob, K4TAX

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