Locked Re: Error in Sound Output: An Error open the audio outout device has occurred??



Hi Ed,

USB communication between PC and TRX is not reliable if the antenna is too close. QRP is certainly a solution but you may want to try this:
Connecting the shield of the Notebook-USB connector to station ground by means of a ground clip from a scope probe should allows you some QRO (see attached picture).

73 and GL,
Hans, DK1WB


Hello everyone,

Tnx for all the feedback. I tried the recommendations about turning the rf down
and that seems to have done the trick. At 20 watts the problem
is gone. I have some ferrite on the coax to my less than ideal antenna. My home
qth is Lansing MI and we are in an apartment, 3rd floor, 35 foot
balcony which is surrounded by rebar and cement. I am limited to a 20 dipole
which is very close to the rig. I don't recall having this problem at home
with a cushcraft r5 and g5rv antennas. The setup actually does pretty well on
with a clear shot at the ocean up the East coast and into Europe.

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