Locked HRD and split operation


Not sure if this is the right forum to address this issue.
I am connecting a TS590SG to the CAT interface of WSJT-X 2.1.2 through the HRD driver of WSJT-X. HRD version is 6.7.  Using WSJT-X split functions (rig or fake-it) does not work in this configuration. The frequency display of WSJT-X is changing during transmissions as it should but the TRX carrier frequency does not change. Then rather the TX carrier frequency is shifting according to the split algorithm. TRX band switching by WSJT-X does work without problems.

When the TS590SG talks directly to WSJT-X and not through HRD the split function works OK. I assume that the problem lies in the HRD driver of WSJT-X.

This is a rather old issue. My work around so far was not to use split.

Is HRD Software LLC to blame for this problem?
73, Hans (DK1WB)

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